Paddling Wisconsin
Nördliche USA (ENG)

Paddling Wisconsin

Nördliche USA (ENG)
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A guide to the state's best paddling routes Paddling Wisconsin pulls together 40 excellent paddling adventures, offering destinations evenly spread throughout the state. The focus is on recreational paddling and so all trips avoid complicated put-ins, portages, and dangerous expert sections, while offering something unique in terms of setting, geology, and wildlife. While most trips involve rivers, there are also a few notable lake paddles that offer scenery and exploration opportunities one won't find anywhere else. Rivers range from the mighty Mississippi to the humble trout-waters of the White River. Each paddle provides a map of the route. Paddle summaries – including the route itself and the character of the waterway at large – are clear and detailed so paddlers will know exactly what to expect. Quick information makes the logistics of each paddle clear for accurate trip planning and includes explicit directions to landings with GPS coordinates. Short write-ups -- about history, geology, and other attractions – are interspersed throughout the book.

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Continent: North America
Country: USA
State / Province: Wisconsin
Region: Wisconsin
Categories: Canoeing
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