Please note the following details when you want to return a product:

1) You received a damaged product

If a product is damaged, please report this as soon as possible and we will send you a replacement immediately. Please return the damaged product to us at our expense.

Examples of defects:

  • A book comes with a deformed cover, dog-ears, or similar defects.
  • A book is not complete; pages are missing.
  • CDs / DVDs cannot be played or cannot be played properly.

2) The wrong product has been delivered

You ordered one product and we regrettably delivered a different item. Please contact us as soon as possible. We will immediately send you the product you ordered. In return, please send us the wrongly delivered product at our expense.

3) The product does not meet your expectations

You have ordered a product that does not meet your expectations. In this case you can simply cancel the purchase. If you want to return a product, you do not have to give a reason. No questions asked. We look forward to your feedback anyway, as this helps us to optimize our offer.

Please send this product back to us within 14 days. Note that this period starts even if the shipment has been deposited at the post office or with a neighbor. If that doesn't work out, please contact us - we will find a solution.

Returns because of differing expectations are made at your own expense. Please note the tariffs of your local shipping service provider (post office, parcel service).

Please note the following exceptions, which are excluded from returns or cancellations:

  • Digital or downloadable content (e.g. eBooks, audio or video files)
  • In the case of audio or video recordings (CDs, DVDs) or software that has been delivered sealed, the option to withdraw from the purchase expires as soon as you have removed the seal or the original packaging.

Where to Return

Please repack the product in the original packaging and send it to:

If you live in Germany the return address is:

freytag & berndt GmbH
Kohlenmarkt 1
93047 Regensburg
Tel.: +49-941-584 08 32
Fax: +49-941-584 08 33

For Austria and all other countries the return address is:

freytag & berndt Österreich
Wallnerstraße 3
1010 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-533 86 85
Fax: +43-1-533 86 85-86

In-store returns

Of course, you can also return the product personally to any of the addresses given above.