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freytag & berndt - the Austrian market leader for maps

freytag & berndt can fall back on experience since 1770. With the takeover of the German publisher Publicpress in 2020, the range was put on an even broader footing and the product range has grown to 1,557 titles.
The publishing house is divided into the five main areas of road maps + atlases, hiking maps, cycling maps, city maps and posters + wall maps. The products are drawn by a team of 50 cartographers and editors and enriched with a lot of important information such as sights, leisure facilities, road conditions and location registers.

Road Maps + Atlases

freytag & berndt is represented on every continent in the world. For example, if you are traveling across America by car, the road trip can be optimally planned with the America road maps. The road maps and atlases of Europe go right across Europe, but there is also suitable map material for Africa, Asia and even Australia in a suitable scale. In addition to planning at home, this also guarantees good on-site orientation. The multilingualism and lots of useful additional information complete the products.
The classic range of road maps and atlases is also supplemented by organization maps and motorcyclists are not neglected with the motorcycle maps.

Hiking Maps

freytag & berndt hiking maps are available nationwide for all of Austria and for all hiking regions in Germany and the Alpine region. The map sheets are drawn on a suitable scale between 1: 25,000 and 1: 50,000 and supplemented with important information such as tour suggestions, sights and street names. The majority of the hiking maps are also provided with an info guide "Brief & Compact".

Cycling Maps

The bike maps from freytag & berndt are waterproof and tear-proof. With interesting additional information such as tour suggestions, excursion destinations as well as tips for leisure and refreshment stops, they are the perfect companion for the next bike tour. The cycling maps Germany cover the most beautiful cycling regions in Germany and also in Austria you can find some regions under cycling maps Austria.

City Maps

freytag & berndt city maps are available for many international capitals as well as numerous cities and towns in Austria, Germany and abroad. With their expressive color scheme and the scale adapted to the city, they offer a harmonious and clear appearance. Useful additional information such as street directory, sights, public transport and much more help you to find your way quickly and easily on site.

Posters + Wall Maps

The wall maps from freytag & berndt are available in the variations poster (flat in a tube), poster with metal ledges (flat in a tube), marking board and magnetic marking board.