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For its 13th edition, the new guide-book "Briançon Climbs" 2022 contains several novelties. Its layout has been modified a little, 12 new sectors have been added, and each climbing site has been updated with the opening or removal of tracnks since 2019. The topo covers several regions: the Vallée de la Clarée and Vallée Etroite, the Guisane Valley, Briançon, Vallouise, L'Argentière-La Bessée/ Ailefroide, La Roche de Rame, Freissinères, Tramouillon-Saint Crépin Valley, Guillestre, Queyras and the Embrunais. Climbing sites are often high in altitude. It was favored the opening of new sites on the North face for the summer climb. With this topo, you discover a department where nature is still preserved. ​ ​By purchasing this guide-book, you contribute to the opening of new climbing routes and the maintenance of existing sites.
Jean-Jacques Rolland, Jonathan Rolland, Martine Rolland, Nicolas Rolland, Yann Rolland
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English, French
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