Bikeline-Radtourenbuch Iron Curtain Trail 1:85.000
From Hof to Szeged, 1.730 km

Bikeline-Radtourenbuch Iron Curtain Trail 1:85.000

From Hof to Szeged, 1.730 km
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To live, breathe and experience history in its purest form – that is the goal of the “European Iron Curtain trail”. From the Barents sea to the Black sea, this guide takes you along the Western border of the old Warsaw pact countries across Europe. The route does not just embody European culture, history and sustainable tourism, but also provides the history-enthusiast cyclist with some spectacularly beautiful and varied landscapes and unique habitats in the European Green Belt, which one is sure to find along the border strip. The maps in the revised edition are more accurately scaled. This volume describes the more than 1,700-kilometre-long southern part of the German-Czech border to the Hungarian border at Szeged. It takes you through the peaks of what was once the Bohemian forests, past Moravia and across the Danube at Bratislava. The southern border of Hungary leads you over Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia towards Szeged.
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