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This book is intended to be my very personal ode, my love story, that I owe Vienna – which in my eyes, is the greatest place on earth. I owe it, because this little spot on the map does so much for me. It gives joy on every corner: Whether you take a bike ride on the Ringstraße, take in the view on the historical buildings from the swing carousel, dance into the sunset at an open air concert in the Prater, observe swans and boats at the Danube river or stay out late drinking white wine spritzers at a little bar with your friends.
I admit it, I am absolutely crazy about this city. Reason enough to reveal some of the nicest corners of Vienna here, so everybody gets a chance to feel like me. For this »City-guide with a difference« I got support from 29 creative folks, living in Vienna. Musicians, actors, designers, Blogger and many others tell 25 personal stories about their favorite places in the city and give insights to their own personal Vienna. »We Are Vienna« tells tales of sights, tours and secret places you won’t find in any classical city guide. If you want to experience Vienna the way the young scene knows it, you can join the following artists on a journey of discovery.
English, German
Year of publication:
State: Vienna
Country: Austria
Continent: Europe
Region: Vienna Basin
Places: Vienna
Categories: Travel Guides
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