Terrain Map 322, Skýros 1:35.000
Nördliche Sporaden

Terrain Map 322, Skýros 1:35.000

Nördliche Sporaden
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Geographically Skyros is part of the Northern Sporades group of islands, but in terms of its natural environment it is split into two distinct parts: the northern part of the island is covered with thick pine forest, just like the other Northern Sporades islands. The southern part however is bare and barren, more resembling the Cycladic islands. On both parts of the island however you will find many old walking paths making the island a wonderful destination for hiking.

TERRAIN’s map of Skyros depicts the most interesting walking trails with accurate point-to-point distances. As in all TERRAIN maps, the complete road network, all the beaches with their distinct features, and all places of interest are clearly shown.

On the reverse side of the map you will find detailed descriptions of two suggested hiking routes, as well as information sections covering the island’s history, geography and the most important sights to see.
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English, Modern Greek
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Continent: Europe
Country: Greece
Places / Mountains / Lakes: Skýros
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