Produktcover: Geopsis WK 214 Griechenland - Thasos 1:55.000
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Geopsis Map 214, Thásos/Thassos 1:55.000

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Thasos Island Map 1:55.000

Crystal clear, cyan sea and and the green slopes of Mt. Ypsario. Go astrocamping, mountain biking and hiking. Thasos was inhabited from early prehistoric times and is full of remains from every era for cultural sightseeing. Let the sirenes of Thasos seduce you!

This is a hiking, MTB, road and touring map, the most complete one of Thasos Island ever published.

Scale 1:55.000, Dimensions 50x70cm
Footpaths and proposed hiking routes
MTB proposed routes
All the island’s beaches
Four languages: GR, EN, DE, BG
2015 field research (second edtion)
and more!

EAN: 9789609960250
Auflage: 2015

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Bulgarisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Neugriechisch


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