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Exploring Greenland
EAN: 9781906148096

Exploring Greenland

EAN: 9781906148096
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148 Seiten, Fotos;Übersichtskarte, Englisch;

Within the pages of Exploring Greenland author Jim Gregson shares narratives of adventures and experiences lived in the impressive landscapes of the great Arctic wilderness. This is a land where areas still exist unvisited by humans and where the cycle of the seasons has revolved through aeons unobserved.

The Arctic, along with other polar regions, is under threat from climate change. This stunning book, beautifully illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, shows unequivocally what a precious wilderness the world could lose if the trends in global warming continue unabated.

Alongside a rich and throught provoking text, the images captured here are a treasure chest of environmental jewels. If rare places like these are despoiled or lost, it won’t just be the wildlife which suffers; the world will be a poorer place for all of mankind.

Jim Gregson has made many expeditions to Greenland, making many first ascents of unclimbed peaks and ranking amongst Britain’s most experienced Arctic mountaineers. His message in Exploring Greenland is one of conservation, and in these pages he shows us what we should strive to protect. Open these pages not to read tales of conquest but rather to learn of congress with the wild world.

“Uppa”– Perhaps; “Immaqa” – Maybe. The words of the Greenland Inuit offer a valuable guide to a useful attitude for sojourns in the Arctic.

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