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Useless Facts Vienna
von: Stadtbekannt.at, Verlag: Holzbaum Verlag, EAN: 9783902980106

Useless Facts Vienna

von: Stadtbekannt.at, Verlag: Holzbaum Verlag, EAN: 9783902980106
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To appreciate how "leiwand" (great) Vienna really is and always has been, one has to indulge in the irrelevant facts, the useless information. All those seemingly marginal notes, those amusing anecdotes, bizarre characters, traditional customs and oddities, which are nowhere to be found in today's history books and travels guides.
And since stadtbekannt holds the opinion that there is never enough to know about Vienna, even though there is a lot you don’t even need to know, something very useful was created: the stadtbekannt collection of all the Useless Facts about Vienna - manifested in a book.
Year of publication:
State: Vienna
Country: Austria
Continent: Europe
Region: Vienna Basin
Places / Mountains / Lakes: Vienna
Categories: Travel Guides
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