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Yangshuo Rock
A China Climbing Guide (ENG), EAN: 9780998728605

Yangshuo Rock

A China Climbing Guide (ENG), EAN: 9780998728605
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A China Climbing Guide

450 pages celebrating the largest climbing destination in Asia

Yangshuo Rock includes
> More than 2000 full color photographs and 12 detailed maps with helpful locator photos and hotspots.
> 43 crags with 800 routes organized geographically into 10 areas.
> Complete weather and crag data allows you to get the most out of your time in Yangshuo.
> Travel information straight from the locals who live in Yangshuo.
> General information about 5 other regional climbing locations including Getu and LiMing.
> Chinese history and cultural introductions like folklore and ancestry as well as personal stories from many local climbers.
> Over 30 pages of text portraying the short yet vivid history of how rock climbing began and thrived in China, especially Yangshuo.

Chinesisch, Englisch
Bundesland: Guangxi
Land: China
Kontinent: Asien
Orte: Yangshuo
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