Slingsby Hiking Map Südafrika - Hike the Cederberg 1:40.000
Nordkap, EAN: 9781920377281

Slingsby Hiking Map Südafrika - Hike the Cederberg 1:40.000

Nordkap, EAN: 9781920377281
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3rd Edition hiking maps: two-map set [Latest: 2019]. Scale 1:40.000 [2.5cm = 1km]. waterproof! Hike the Cederberg: There are two double‑sided A1-sized maps in the set (i.e. four maps in all), covering the entire Cederberg Wilderness and extending north to Wolfdrif and south to Mount Ceder. The maps are printed on Duraflex waterproof material and are packaged together in a folding slipcase. The maps are not available separately. The maps also detail: popular bouldering sites, as well as the complex of fine mountain biking trails around Dwarsrivier/Sanddrif and other locations; caves, perennial water, pools, dramatic rock formations and sites of historical importance (but caves that have rock art are not shown except in supervised situations such as the Sevilla Trail); the famous Cederberg shalebands, dense vegetation, cedar plantations, prominent rock screes and rockfalls, OVER 12.000 TREES!! etc etc; the best places to stay from which your hikes might be launched, with their telephone numbers. Technicals: A1+ x 2 full colour, double-sided maps [four maps] Scale 1:40.000 (2.5cm = 1km) 20m contours; relief shading 10" Long/Lat grid Coords in DDMMSS format at all recognised path junctions Contact numbers for accommodation and detailed safety information WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic wallet ISBN 978-1-920377-28-1
Kontinent: Afrika
Bundesland / Provinz: Westkap
Region: Zederberge
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