Secret New York - curious activities
von: Rives T. M., Verlag: Jonglez Verlag

Secret New York - curious activities

von: Rives T. M., Verlag: Jonglez Verlag
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Shoot a rifle off Fifth Avenue, track the path of an underground river that flows beneath Washington Square, take a trip within yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber, learn to spot fossils in the walls of buildings or collect your own on city beaches, observe bats on the hunt during a night walk, listen to a Stradivarius in a tiny concert hall created by an obsessed luthier, explore forbidden islands in a kayak, prepare for the end of the world at a survival class in Central Park, speed through the bay on the rail of a racing sailboat, climb giant tress in a botanic garden, go on the beat with a pair of NYPD cops, take a muppet-making class from an expert, watch feeding whales lunge from the deep.

Secret New York - Curious Activities will show you that the city has more than you ever imagined.

"A brilliant guidebook" - Conde Nast Traveller

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Kontinent: Nordamerika
Land: USA
Bundesland / Provinz: New York
Region: Hudson River
Orte / Berge / Seen: New York City, Manhattan
Kategorien: Reiseführer
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