Lepini, Circeo and Zannone Island

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In this book, as well as the classical paths, the majority of the unknown or forgotten itineraries are described, including all the CAI paths of the entire section 7 of the Lazio land register of trails. Many of these trails head into the most secret corners, where wild nature has the upper hand and walking along these vague tracks one is led into a kind of dynamic meditation. The beauty and difficulty of every route is indicated, as well as the vertical height gain, total length and the time taken to approach the route, the presence of water sources, possible mountain huts near the paths, the type of signs and the recommended period. Among the new features of this guide book we find the wild loop ‘Giro dei monaci at M.Prentile, the solitary circuit: Anello del grande faggio at M.Pilocco, the unknown Giro dei briganti at M.Semprevisa and the very long Transelpini (loop Alta via). The paths of M.Calvello at Maenza, from Colle Illirio in Artena, from M.Seianao to Priverno are a true rarity. For those looking for a bit of adventure this guide book offers the description of the ascent to Perrone del Corvo and to the Cima dell’Ouso, to end up on Circeo’s wilder paths: the Precipizio and valle Caduta. The paths on the Island of Zannone are unmissable, as well as the loop: Anello del Mito at M.Circeo, the Tour of the mountain huts at Gorga, the Giro of San Marino at M. Malaina and the characteristic Otto del M.Gemma. Another peculiarity of this volume is the census of all the usable mountain huts-bivouacs, the first ever done in this area of Lazio. All the mountain huts-bivouacs present on these mountains are listed on a descriptive sheet with a photo of each one.
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Kontinent: Europa
Land: Italien
Bundesland / Provinz: Latium
Orte / Berge / Seen: Monte Semprevisa, Gaeta, Zannone, Monte Circeo
Kategorien: Outdoor, Wanderführer
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