Gem Trek Trail Map and Guide, Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley 1:50.000
Rocky Mountains

Gem Trek Trail Map and Guide, Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley 1:50.000

Rocky Mountains
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Karte Map Hiking Trekking Wandern Wanderungen Wanderwege Weitwandern topografisch Wanderkarte Outdoor Canada Kanadische Rocky Mountains Treks Elbow Loop Trail

Gem Trek’s Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley map is for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore Kananaskis Country west and south of Bragg Creek. Whether you are touring along the roads or heading into the backcountry, you’ll find the waterproof and tear-resistant Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map to be an invaluable tool.

This map features detailed cartography, accurate hiking trails with distances, and details such as logging roads, campgrounds, equestrian routes, picnic areas, and fire lookouts.

On the back of the Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map are detailed descriptions of 20 hiking trails colour-coded by region, eight mountain bike trails, as well details of services such as campgrounds and visitor centres.

Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map Coverage:

The Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map covers a large chunk of the eastern portion of Alberta’s Kananaskis Country. The map centres on the Elbow Valley, which is accessed from the village of Bragg Creek, a short drive southwest of Calgary. It extends coverage north from the Sheep Valley, where the Highwood & Cataract Creek map leaves off, and extends as far north as Sibbald Flats, south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

It includes hiking, biking and equestrian trails beginning from the west end of West Bragg Creek Road, along the length of Highway 66, in Sibbald Flats, and throughout the McLean Creek Public Land Use Area west of Millarville. Popular hiking and biking trails covered on the Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley map include Elbow Falls, Prairie Mountain, Fullerton Loop, Moose Mountain, Sulphur Springs, Nihahi Ridge, Powderface Ridge, Jumpingpound Ridge, Cox Hill, Sheep River Falls, Volcano Ridge, Ole Buck Loop and Deer Ridge.

The complete Elbow Loop Trail and the west end of the Sheep Valley is covered on a 1:100,000-scale inset map on the back of this map. Another inset on the back of the map gives more detail to Little Elbow Campground, at the west end of Highway 66. Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map Features

The Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map includes:

waterproof and tear-resistant paper contour lines at 25-metre (80-foot) intervals relief shading to better show the topography full colour on both sides hiking trails - with trail names and trail distances marked mountain biking trails - with trail names and distances marked hydrology – rivers, rapids and waterfalls mountain names and all available mountain elevations all campgrounds points of interest and attractions picnic areas highway viewpoints
Kontinent: Nordamerika
Land: Kanada
Bundesland / Provinz: Alberta
Orte / Berge / Seen: Kananaskis Valley
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