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Edmundson Henry - Tales from the Himalaya
(ENG), EAN: 9789937933032

Edmundson Henry - Tales from the Himalaya

(ENG), EAN: 9789937933032
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Tales from the Himalaya is essential reading for anyone with a stake in the Himalaya, whether a first-time traveller to the region, a trekker, a mountaineer, or simply someone who is captured by the allure of the high mountains.

This book tells epic stories of religion, science, politics, and society that define the lives of every man, woman and child in this highest of human habitats. Lavishly illustrated with an extensive bibliography, Tales from the Himalaya is an inspirational journey, a feast for the eye as well as the mind. Each tale is introduced by an episode from the author's travels and climbs across the Himalayan range.

Kontinent: Asien
Region: Himalaya
Kategorien: Bergerzählungen
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