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GR20: what is the powerful call that this name has? Why do so many hikers test themselves every year on its difficult and wild paths? With its 12.000 metres of vertical height gain which crosses the entire mountainous ridge of the island, it is the hardest long distance trek in Europe, from Calenzana to Conca it cuts across Corsica diagonally, reaching the main peaks of the island, which are often higher than 2000 metres of altitude. But it is not only the effort it requires which calls into action so many hikers. GR20 is an itinerary which runs across two seas, panoramically it is unique and crosses incredibly varied landscapes: not only ridges and mountains, but entire stages are immersed in century old woods full of splendid waterways and lakes where, especially during summer time, it will be difficult to resist jumping into. As well as the description of the 16 classic stages in which the itinerary is subdivided, in this guidebook, ample space has been given to the numerous variants to honour magnificent passages which have been left out of the original itinerary. Finally we have come up with 16 circuit itineraries which last 1 to 3 days, with the aim of suggesting variants to GR20 which are not as wild, and guarantee better logistics and which stimulate the maximum motivational push for less expert hikers. We therefore hope to achieve our aim of helping even those people who do not feel up to tackling the entire itinerary to experience a hike on this splendid island.
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Kontinent: Europa
Bundesland / Provinz: Korsika
Orte / Berge / Seen: Calenzana, Conca
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