Classic Colorado Hikes
Lakes, Loops, and High Ridge Traverses

Classic Colorado Hikes

Lakes, Loops, and High Ridge Traverses
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70 hikes and scrambles throughout Colorado’s nine most prominent mountain ranges Each hike highlights a lake destination. Scrambles may be a loop, a peak climb, or high-ridge traverse Tips for the trail, including gear and equipment, climbing classifications, weather and climate, and safety considerations

This book is for anyone who seeks out the Colorado high-country hiking and scrambling experience. Dr. Jon Kedrowski has outlined and selected some of his favorite hikes to backcountry lakes (including places to swim in summer or ice skate in winter!). Some of the hikes are loops, meaning you will be able to return to the trailhead by a different trail. Then, an extra scrambling route--such as climbing a peak or following a high-ridge traverse from peak to peak--is suggested.

Have you ever sat down for a snack break at a high mountain lake and wondered, "Can that peak be climbed?" Or, "I wonder if it’s possible to traverse that ridge"? This book answers those questions. Then, in the "Dr. Jon’s Extra Credit" sections, he dishes out even more options for creating your own adventures. Tap into your desire to be an explorer: grab this guidebook and a map and let your imagination run wild. Enjoy making your own adventures into some wild basins in the remote corners of Colorado!
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Land: USA
Bundesland / Provinz: Colorado
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