Canary Island Walks

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Few places in the world can offer the kaleidoscope of natural beauty found in the Canary Islands. What one island lacks, another has in plenty. Each island has a personality of its own as you will see when you use this book!

We at Sunflower are great enthusiasts of the Canary Islands and were the first publishers in Europe to bring them to the attention of walkers — thanks to the intrepid Noel Rochford who spent many, many years there tramping unmapped paths.

This guide is a taster — a selection of mostly easy and moderate walks on each of the islands, designed to emphasise their differing highlights. Once you’ve had a taste, perhaps you will go on to indulge yourself by taking a longer holiday on the island of your choice, using one of Noel’s ‘Landscapes’ guides dedicated to that specific island or islands.

To Noel’s walking notes we at Sunflower have incorporated ‘Stories and snippets’ in separate panels with each of the walks, something that struck us as ‘special’ or interesting — from water collection to World War Two gossip, the bravery of the original island inhabitants, the plant life, the many myths and legends…

One of the advantages of walking on the Canaries is the excellent public transport system. You do not have to rent a car. With very few exceptions, these walks are accessible by bus (or boat). Another plus is the weather — perhaps the best in the world for walking all year round. Winters are mild, and summers are not swelteringly hot as they are in some destinations around the Med. Year-round temperatures are generally in the 20°C (70°F).
Kontinent: Europa
Land: Spanien
Bundesland / Provinz: Kanarische Inseln
Orte / Berge / Seen: La Graciosa
Kategorien: Wanderführer
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