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The Panama Cruising Guide

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A complete sailors guide to the Isthmus of Panama, EAN: 9789962056645

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The newly updated 5th edition of The Panama Cruising Guide by Eric Bauhaus is a necessity for anyone planning to sail in Panama. The over 223 highly accurate charts in the Panama Cruising Guide, all surveyed by Eric with professional computer-aided surveying equipment, cannot be found anywhere else. The charts describe many beautiful and safe Panama anchorages that were previously uncharted and unknown. The tried and tested waypoints will let you sail the beautiful but reef-infested waters of Panama, like the San Blas Islands, lush tropical rivers and other areas with safety and ease. Hundreds of color and aerial photos, piloting instructions, complete information on the Canal, etc. 560 pages.

EAN: 9789962056645
Auflage: 5. Auflage 2015


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