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Eigerwand – A Climber’s Guide

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A Climber’s Guide to the 1938 Heckmair Route (ENG), EAN: 9789780998455

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Eigerwand – A Climber’s Guide to the 1938 Heckmair Route

20 interior pages printed on tear-resistant and waterproof Synaps® Digital XM synthetic paper.
Dimensions: 8.75 x 5.5 inches; 14 x 22 centimeters
ISBN-13: 9780998454009
Written and illustrated by Rick Kollath

Table of Contents
> Disclaimer
> Introduction, pages 1-3
> When to go, the rock, route finding, gear, drytooling, simul-climbing vs. pitching, leading vs. seconding, climbing strategies and bivouacs
> How to get there, page 4
> Use this Guide, page 5
> Topo Overview, page 6
> Topo A:
From the Approach to the Ice Hose, page 7
Route description, page 8
Topo A Detail
Difficult Crack to Ice Hose, page 9
Route description, page 10
> Topo B
Second Icefield to Death Bivouac, page 11
Route description (with inset detail topo), page 12
> Topo C
Death Bivouac to the White Spider (with inset for crux Ramp pitches), page 13
Route description, page 14
> Topo D
White Spider to Exit Snowfields (with inset for upper Exit Gullies), page 15
Route description, page 16
> Topo E
Exit Snowfields to the Summit, page 17
Route description and descent description, page 17
> Topo F
West face Descent, Page 18
> Author’s Note, page 19

EAN: 9789780998455
Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2017

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