Volcanoes of Indonesia


creators and destroyers, von: Carl-Bernd Kaehlig,Andrew Wight,Chris Smith, Verlag: Didier Millet, EAN: 9789814385022

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This is a stunning photographic celebration of the volcanoes of Indonesia. As part of the ‘Ring of Fire’, Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes and “Volcanoes of Indonesia” pays tribute to these mighty forces that have dramatically determined the landscape of Indonesia. Combining stunning images with captivating prose, this beautiful volume showcases the many faces and moods of the volcanoes as well as the life that revolves around them. From sunset and sunrise scenes of brooding volcanoes to tortured rock formations shaped by centuries of erosion, from steaming lakes and craters to isolated flowering plants in sheltered niches, sacred mountain temples and bathing places, this awe-inspiring book will strike a chord in all who respond to the allure of the mystical and the sublime.

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Verlag: Didier Millet
AutorInnen: Carl-Bernd Kaehlig,Andrew Wight,Chris Smith

EAN: 9789814385022
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Einband: Hardcover


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