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This guidebook is the first successful attempt to map and document the entire Israeli climbing scene.

Due to the major time commitment and manpower needed to gather data on the many climbing sites across country, no serious attempt at such a project was ever made before. Additionally, the challenge is ever-growing as more climbing sites and routes are constantly being opened.

This book describes diverse climbing sites, some small and some larger, some sport, trad or boulder, with different rock types and different climate characteristics, scattered all over Israel. Some are near the north most tip of Israel and some way down south near Eilat, more than 500 Km apart, and everywhere in between. Altogether close to 20 climbing and bouldering sites are described, scattered amongst some of the most beautiful spots in Israel.

The book is a result of 8 years of ongoing work. As the work evolved it was slowly introduced to the climbing community in Israel, firstly as an online guide to some of the sites, and later as an official guidebook for climbing events organized by the ILCC (Israel Climbers Club). It is now (finally!) a comprehensive printed book.

We hope you’ll find the guidebook helpful in finding your way to and around the climbing site of your choice, and up your preferred route.

EAN: 9789655557596
Auflage: 1. Aufl. 2015

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