Geopsis-Karte 131, Eastern Rodópi 1:40.000


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Östliche Rhodopen

Eastern Rodopi Mountain Range Map 1:40.000

Wild horses, the largest old stone bridge in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, stunning scenery – Eastern Rodopi is a hiker’s paradise! It features natural wonders like the Thracean Meteora and archaeological remnants due to its cultural and religious significance. On the foot of the mountain passed the famous Via Egnatia of the Roman empire. This is a hiking, biking and MTB, road and touring map.

70x100cm, folded 12x24cm, Scale 1:40.000
Printed in the waterproof and indestructible material ‘POLYART’
Back side featuring more info and maps
9 proposed hiking routes
This map covers Mt. Papikio, Thracean Meteora, Kompsatos River, Nymfaia Forest, Chionorema, Strymi and Pomak Villages.

EAN: 9789609960243
Auflage: 2014

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