Anavasi Topo Island Map 10.00, Aígina/Ägina 1:25.000


Saronischer Golf, EAN: 9789609412858Saronischer Golf, EAN: 9789609412858

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Sights of interest – Hiking trails

Aigina island is very close to Athens but it has many hidden and wild sides. The Anavasi Aigina map is the best way to discover them. Aigina beaches range from sandy beaches to wild rocky shores accessed by ladder. But besides the charming landscapes and beaches, it is a place rich in history that goes well back in time. You should visit the sanctuary of Aphaia, a temple of c. 500 BC. This map invites you to discover Aigina and to walk around its lovely countryside. On the back side of the map you will find proposed hiking routes and the short descriptions of the main sights.

Verlag: Anavasi Editions

EAN: 9789609412858
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Zielgruppe: Hobby/Freizeit
Produktform: Karte, 240 x 115 mm
Gewicht: 41 gr


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