Eagle Ray Sea Guide – Greece Volume IV – Eastern Aegean, Dodecanese


Griechenland, EAN: 9789608974203

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Greece, Sea Guide is a chartbook and a pilot book that is sold in 4 volumes (areas) covering all of the Greek waters.

As a chartbook, it contains all the nautical charts needed in order to navigate, enriched with local information on weather, winds, currents and special characteristics of each place.

As a pilot book, it contains all the harbours and a large amount of bays which cannot be found in any other nautical publication. The plans are enriched with local knowledge, facilities, local data and photos that are collected by continual on-site research.

The book is bilingual, with the text being in both Greek and English languages. It is printed in A3 size, thus providing A2 size charts that are perfect for the yacht’s chart table, in 130gr enhanced paper, and sold within a plastic wallet.

Sea Guides have a 5 – 6 year life cycle. During this time, corrections (NMs) are placed every year on our website www.eagleray.gr

EAN: 9789608974203
Auflage: 4. Auflage 2015

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