Rother Walking Guide Iceland


The finest coastal and mountain walks. 63 walks. With GPS tracks, von: Gabriele Handl, Christian Handl, Verlag: Bergverlag Rother, EAN: 9783763348022

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Iceland, the island of fire and ice, has an almost magical allure for all nature-lovers. Active volcanoes and vast lava deserts stand in direct opposition to utterly boundless glacial. Massive waterfalls and geysers leave a striking impression, as do the unique plant and animal world.
This unique ancient countryside guarantees unforgettable experiences in nature, but it also presents special challenges especially to the hiker. There is no network of huts and trails as we are used to in the Alps, and the weather also can be very unpredictable. Gabriele and Christian Handl, the two authors of the hiking guide to Iceland, lead the reader along selected, safe and reliably-described trails to those natural splendours of Iceland which are only accessible to hikers. Included are descriptions of short, impressive walks, as well as recommendations for trips lasting lasting only a single day or several.
The suggested walks are accompanied by an exact description of the route, map extracts showing the course of the route and informative height profiles; the colour-coded grade of difficulty facilitates your choice. Numerous notations and tips prepare the hiker for the distinctive features of Europe’s northernmost country. Tantalising photos provide stimulation for the upcoming walking holiday.
This fourth edition of the walking guide has been fully revised and, in addition, five new walks have been included. Also, all of the walks are now provided with GPS data which can be downloaded.

Verlag: Bergverlag Rother
AutorInnen: Gabriele Handl, Christian Handl

EAN: 9783763348022
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019, 5th completely updated edition 2019
Produktform: Taschenbuch
Seiten/Umfang: 176 S. , 16.5 x 11.5 cm
Gewicht: 177 gr

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