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von: Almeida e Silva Manoel de, Roiter Marcio, Jonglez Thomas, Verlag: Jonglez Verlag, EAN: 9782361951429

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Visit an extraordinary hill where the “little angels” are buried; discover remarkable forgotten Art Deco buildings; see a
plane taking off at really close range, leftovers from the 1908 and 1922 Universal Expositions, a beautiful private palace
open to visitors once a month, modernist ceramics hidden on the 15th-floor terrace of a former government building,
a remarkable secret staircase; experience little-known walks and views of the city; find an Amazonian talisman
at Copacabana, vestiges of the Carioca river, a rare statue of the great-grandmother of Jesus, a taxi nightclub, a work of
art in a favela, a disused airship hangar…

Far from the crowds and the usual beach and carnival clichés, Rio de Janeiro has countless treasures it reveals only to
residents and travelers who wander off the beaten track.

An indispensable guide for all those who thought they were familiar with Rio or would like to discover the other face of
the city.

Verlag: Jonglez Verlag
AutorInnen: Almeida e Silva Manoel de, Roiter Marcio, Jonglez Thomas

EAN: 9782361951429
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Produktform: Taschenbuch
Seiten/Umfang: 320 S.


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