Guide to the Camino Ignaciano


Nordspanien (ENG), EAN: 9781944418731

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In 1522, Ignatius of Loyola decided to become a pilgrim. The consequences of this choice touch us today in this new twenty-first century pilgrimage. Thanks to this guide, we can follow in the footsteps of Ignatius and choose from our Camino’s options the level of intensity we are looking for. This guide points out the most prominent places along the route, the services available in each region and the struggles to be faced by the pilgrim who takes up the challenge. It also offers practical advice for advance preparation. Above all, it offers tips for journeying the «inner way», a path to the hearts of twenty-first century men and women following in the footsteps of Ignatius, who overcame uncertainty and hardship to find enlightenment and peace. The pilgrim, in all certainty, will not feel let down.

EAN: 9781944418731
Auflage: 2. Aufl. 2018

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