New England Bouldering


USA (ENG), EAN: 9781938393303


Northeastern United States
New England has some of the finest bouldering in the country, and this completely revised 3rd edition of New England Bouldering provides a comprehensive guide to the region’s best areas. From the granite blocks of Lincoln Woods, RI, to the schist nuggets of Smugglers’ Notch, VT, you’ll find detailed maps and information on over 1200 boulder problems. You’ll also find inspiration, with heartfelt essays and plenty of sweet action photography from Tim Kemple, Brian Lewis, and more.
Author Tim Kemple is an accomplished climber and globetrotting photographer. He is now based in Salt Lake City, UT, but his roots are in New England and he has established some of the hardest boulder problems in this book. You can learn more about Tim and see more of his photography here.
We are also really pleased to feature work from photographer Brian Lewis. Check out Brian’s website for a look at his diverse portfolio.

2018 Wolverine Publishing
252 pages/Seiten, Color/farbig
ISBN: 978-1-938393-30-3

EAN: 9781938393303
Auflage: 3. Aufl. 2018

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