Climbing Mt. Fuji


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This is a “must read” for anyone who wishes to be successful in climbing Mt. Fuji. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the mountain – it is a tough and grueling climb and the guidebook explains all there is to know about it. The guidebook is a comprehensive and easy to read recipe for what it takes physically and psychologically to get to the summit of this amazing but unpredictable mountain. The guidebook covers all facets of preparation, equipment, training and most importantly, altitude. The 4th edition of Climbing Mt. Fuji ” A Complete Guidebook” is your complete preparation package and the only guidebook you will need to design your Mt. Fuji climb. As a way of saying “Thank you” we have teamed up with our Mt. Fuji partners to offer special Mt. Fuji climbing discounts to those who purchase the latest edition of the Climbing Mt. Fuji Guidebook. Each partner is unique and located in a different area or route on Mt. Fuji. Discounts are available on selected Mt. Fuji mountain huts, hiking rentals, hot springs, walking sticks and selected meals. Please refer to “Climbing Mt. Fuji Discount Coupons” on page 131 for more information.

EAN: 9780992162351
Auflage: 4. Aufl. 2017

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