Whistler Mountain Biking


British Columbia (ENG), EAN: 9780987779649

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This is the second edition of our comprehensive guide to the incredible mountain biking of world-renowned Whistler, British Columbia. This book utilizes dozens of excellent topographical maps to illustrate the complex valley biking terrain as well as striking photographs to provide a feel for the trails.

Up-to-date information is provided for over 70 cross-country and downhill rides, as well as comprehensive coverage of the Whistler Valley Trail, Flank Trail, Lost Lake Park (34 trails) and the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park (62 trails).

Published May 2015
Authors: Brian Finestone & Kevin Hodder
172 pages, 4.75″ wide by 6.50″ tall

EAN: 9780987779649
Auflage: 2. Aufl. 2015

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