Cruising Guide to Belize and Mexico´s Caribbean Coast


Including Guatemala´s Rio Dulce, von: Freya Rauscher, Verlag: Wescott, EAN: 9780975575314

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All points of interest afloat and ashore are located on the charts. Covers chartering, fishing, snorkeling and diving, how to get there, customs, transportation, things to bring, suggested itineraries, weather, navigation, communications, history, government and economy. There are complete descriptions of the greatest Mayan ruins and sightseeing ashore. If you’re going to cruise there or only want to know more about this pristine part of the Caribbean, you need this book.

Verlag: Wescott
AutorInnen: Freya Rauscher

EAN: 9780975575314
Erscheinungsjahr: 2007
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