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Secret New York - An Unusual Guide
von: Rives T. M., Verlag: Jonglez Verlag, EAN: 9782361952372

Secret New York - An Unusual Guide

von: Rives T. M., Verlag: Jonglez Verlag, EAN: 9782361952372
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Admire an apocalyptic pillar in a church, relax in secret gardens, discover the New York version of the Sagrada Familia, visit a secret metro tunnel,contemplate an elephant electrocuted, find bullet impacts outside the Bank JP Morgan, observe the
stars with a university telescope, find a statue of Lenin, fly your skirt in the same place as Marilyn Monroe, explore a room filled with earth, discover a gigantic Venetian palace above an old stable, visit an island whose independence was proclaimed from a canoe in 2004, discover the "pig" of St. Patrick's Cathedral, play scrabble with the signs of Queens, find out where is the last tooth of Washington, find the house who hides a metro mouth, locate a plaque in memory of an event of another dimension, have your bike or elephant blessed , go get inspected any natural quirk at an annual professional identification session …
New edition - 20 new secret places

Land: USA
Kategorien: Reiseführer
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