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Exploring with Adele

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The Adele is one of the world’s most famous super-yachts, a magnificent beauty that plies the oceans with the grace of a thorough-bred. The author and photographer Jan-Eric Osterlund has sailed this extraordinary yacht from the pack ice in the Arctic Ocean in the north to Antarctica in the south and from the Mediterranean in the East to New Zealand in the west. Together with photographer Rick Tomlinson he tells the tale of this wonderful journey, which is illustrated with some 400 pictures. They visit legendary places – including Spitsbergen, the Galapagos Islands, the Marquesas and Fiji – they meet people from many different cultures and they encounter polar bears, albatrosses, penguins and whales; in short, some of the most beautiful and exciting places and creatures on the planet.

EAN: 9781844836475
Auflage: 2008


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