Produktcover: Britton Rosa Maria und Montaina Edoardo - The New Panama Canal: A Journey Between Two Oceans

The New Panama Canal: A Journey Between Two Oceans

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A stunning photographic journey, this book tells the emotional story behind the epic construction of the new Panama Canal, a monumental work of technological achievement immersed in tropical splendor.

Also referred to as the Third Set of Locks Project, the recent expansion of the Panama Canal by a construction consortium led by the Salini Impregilo group is a great feat of engineering, intending to double its capacity by increasing the number and the size of the ships passing through, minimizing the time it takes to cross the continent to just two hours and paving the way for a new era in global trade.

This highly visual book documents the progression and construction of the canal, retracing its history and important events to reveal in vivid color this colossal human intervention in nature. The words of the authors, along with spectacular photographs by Edoardo Montaina, are accompanied by stunning views of the massive oil tankers, cargo ships, and cruise liners floating between two wings of wild forest.

EAN: 9780847859641
Auflage: 2017


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