Anavasi Topo Island Map 10.50, Kárpathos, Saría 1:43.000


Dodekanes, EAN: 9789609412421

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Karpathos, a mountainous island with rugged terrain and magnificent landscapes, is one of the most authentic places in Greece. It has endless sandy beaches in the south and secluded coves with emerald-blue waters in the north. The more developped south of the island is popular to surfers while the north still keeps folkways alive especially in the magical village of Olymbos, perched on a saddle between two mountains and two seas.
Off the northern tip of Kárpathos, separated from it by a narrow channel is the uninhabited island of Sariá with old agricultural settlements and remains of medieval houses at Palatia.
This new detailed map of Anavasi proposes 12 hiking trails in the north and 6 in the south and presents the major highlights of the island.

Verlag: Anavasi Editions

EAN: 9789609412421
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Zielgruppe: Hobby/Freizeit
Produktform: Karte, 240 x 115 mm
Gewicht: 30 gr

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