Anavasi Topo 50 Map 8.1, Taýgetos – North/Nördlicher Taýgetos 1:50.000


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Hiking map of Mt Taygetos [8.1] the highest mountain of the Peloponnese and a hikers paradise. There are hundreds of footpaths, from cobblestone mule roads to steep and narrow crossings, many of which are waymarked. E4 trail and National path 32 also cross the region. The map covers also the Northern Taygetos, where in recent years, a network of signposted paths was setup. On the back side of the map all the waymarked paths are shown with their markers, distances and walking times.
The map is printed on Polyart paper and is placed in a removable folder.

EAN: 9789609412209
Auflage: 2018

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