Anavasi Topo 50 Map 8.7, Mt. Párnon 1:50.000


Peloponnes, EAN: 9789609137966

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Hiking map of Mt Parnon [8.7] the large mountain complex that starts in Arcadia (just south of Tripoli) and extends to the southeastern cape of the Peloponnese. The one side of the map covers the northern part from Doliana and wetland Moustos down to Chrysapha and Poulithra, including the highest peaks and the area of Leonidio with famous rock climbing sites. Side B covers the southern part from Kalloni and Fokianos down to Trinisa on the Laconic gulf and the amazing port of Gerakas.

EAN: 9789609137966
Auflage: 2016

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