Anavasi Topo 25 Map 1.1, Párnitha 1:25.000


Attika, EAN: 9789608195554

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A new (7th) edition of Mt Parnitha hiking map.
Parnitha, the highest mountain in Attica, is a natural reserve where the Athenians come in contact with nature. The fir forest, the ravines and endless, scrubland, deers and birds are the manifestations of the wildlife we come looking for. It is an ideal destination for hiking, climbing, mountain bike, or even to build a snowman.
This Anavasi map has been reprinted many times and it presents the unnumerable paths of mount Parnitha with remarkable detail and accuracy, with all the information useful to hikers. This map is no longer just our own project, as it has been enriched by the comments and routes suggested by many friends and hikers, making the map even better.

EAN: 9789608195554
Auflage: 7. Aufl. 2018

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