Anavasi Topo 30 Map 8.2, Mt. Chelmós, Vouraikós 1:30.000


nördlicher Peloponnes, EAN: 9789608195332

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The hiking map of Chelmos covers the area in Northern Peloponnese from Lake Tsivlos and the forests of Zarouchla to the gorge of the Styx; from the source of the river Aroanios, ancient Klitoria and the Cave of the Lakes to the remains of ancient Lousii; from the fertile farmlands of the Kerinitis valley to the panoramic view of Mt Klokos – all around the visitor unfolds a landscape rich in its beauty and its history.

By mistake the road connecting Ano Potamia to Ano Diakopto, appears as asphalt road on the map; in reality it is a dirt road in poor condition.

Verlag: Anavasi Editions

EAN: 9789608195332
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Zielgruppe: Hobby/Freizeit
Produktform: Karte, 227 x 114 mm
Gewicht: 85 gr

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