Anavasi Topo 50 Map 3.1, Zagóri (mit Víkos-Schlucht) 1:50.000


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Hiking Map of Zagori [3.1] – Tymfi – Astraka – Vikos Gorge

Zagori is renowned for its traditional villages (Zagorohoria) and stone monuments. It is mountains that dominate this landscape and every facet of local life. On the imposing massif of Timfi mountaineering routes were carved out long ago, while the crossing of the Vikos Gorge remains a favourite. Over the last few years the old cobblestone roads between the villages have also been restored to use. A few paths have been added to this new editions mainly on the Eastern Zagori and a new “Via ferrata” on the north bank of Aoos river.

EAN: 9789608195233
Auflage: 2018

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