Karttakeskus Outdoor Map Finnland – Utsjoki, Kevo 1:100.000


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Kevo Strict Nature Reserve and Paistunturi Wilderness Area have challenges to offer for even an experienced hiker. The core of the area is a rugged canyon, at the bottom of which flows the Kevojoki River. A challenging hiking trail starts in the south point of Lake Kenesjärvi and, following the canyon, it goes all the way to Sulaoja, Finland’s biggest natural spring. Map covers the area of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve. Also Karigasniemi and the Utsjoki villages are shown.

The outdoor map has a scale of 1:100,000 (1 cm on the map equals 1 kilometre on the ground). The handy single-sided map is especially well-suited for hiking or cross-country skiing. It is based on a topographic map of the National Land Survey of Finland and has plenty of extra information for hikers and travellers, such as various trails and their lengths, wilderness huts, lean-to shelters, eating places, accommodations and sights. On the side of the map you will find the coordinates for all the wilderness huts managed by Metsähallitus in the area to help locate them with a GPS device, if you use one.

EAN: 9789522664266
Auflage: 2015

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