Geopsis-Karte 130, Évros, Samothráki 1:50.000


Nordgriechenland, EAN: 9789198447910

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Samothraki Island Hiking Map 1:50.000

If you need words about one of Greece’s most spectacularly mountainous islands, then here are some: canyons, trails, beaches, over 1600m high mountain, natural pool and breath taking waterfalls. This is a hiking, biking and MTB, road and touring map.

70x100cm, folded 12x24cm, Scale 1:50.000
Printed on the waterproof and indestructible material ‘POLYART’
The most updated and complete map of Samothraki ever
The Back side is the Evros area Hiking Map
contour interval at 20m

EAN: 9789198447910
Auflage: 2018

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