Escursionista-Karte 40, Isola d’Elba 1:25.000


Wander- & Bike-Karte (DEU), EAN: 9788898520442


Carta dei sentieri – Carte de randonnée – Wanderkarte – Hiking Map

Wander- & Mountainbike-Karte für die Insel Elba mit einem Beiheft zur Großen Elba-Durchquerung GTE in deutscher Sprache.

• Edition: Second
• Year: 2018
• Size: 11×16 (guide-book) – 84×115 (map)
• Pages: 36 (guide-book) + 1:25.000 (map)
• Photo: Color
• Binding: Stapled
• ISBN: 9788898520435
• Code: ESC22I

Isola d’Elba’s hiking and MTB map at a 1:25.000 scale with a WGS84 grid (1km). All data has been gathered by walking each route with a GPS device.
32 page guide-book which includes The Great Elban Traverse
The Great Elban Traverse trek follows a mountain ridge high above the crystal clear blue sea and the scents of the Mediterranean maquis, in the heart of the Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano. Four stages explore the backbone of the island from north-east to west, from Cavo all the way to Patresi or Pomonte, with overnight stays in lovely villages where the local cuisine can be enjoyed. Elba was Napoleon’s island for a short but significant period. A number of variants are given so that walkers can modify the route according to personal needs, and full details are provided for preparing the trek.

EAN: 9788898520442
Auflage: 2. Aufl. 2018

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