4Land-Karte 250, Parco delle Colline di Brescia 1:25.000


Bovezzo – Brescia – Cellatica – Collebeato – Rezzato – Rodengo Saiano, Verlag: 4Land maps by nature dynamics, EAN: 9788889823828

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4LAND Map N. 250. Official Map of the Parco delle Colline di Brescia it includes all the trails, long distance trails – such the Franciacorta Trail, 3 Valleys and the Brescia Carsic trail. There are also some downhill trails and many point of interests. All trails, roads and points of interest were recorded in the field using GPS devices. It is designed expecially for mountainbikers and hikers, but is very usefully also for any outdoor activity and for leisure. Printed on Polyart a Tear-resistant, Waterproof and Recyclable material.

Verlag: 4Land maps by nature dynamics

EAN: 9788889823828
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Produktform: Karte (gefaltet)
Seiten/Umfang: 2 S.


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