4Land MTB- & Wanderkarte 113, Lagorai, Cima d’Asta 1:25.000


Verlag: 4Land maps by nature dynamics, EAN: 9788889823422

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Carta topografica di precisione – Präzise topographische Karte

Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge
Ippovia del Trentino Orientale

4LAND Map N. 113. The most detailed and updated map of the Lagorai Mountain range, Cima d’Asta and the Bersntol. It includes highlighted the long-distance MTB trail Dolomiti Lagorai MTB Challenge and the Horse riding long-distance route of Ippovia del Trentino Orientale. All trails, roads and points of interest were recorded in the field
using GPS devices. Reference map for local Mountain Rescue. It is designed for both, mountainbikers and hikers. It is printed on Polyart, a waterproof, tearproof and reclyble material. There are two maps, both printed on both sides.
Map Scale: 1:25.000.

Verlag: 4Land maps by nature dynamics

EAN: 9788889823422
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Produktform: Karte (gefaltet)

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