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A Guidebook along the Main Ridge of the Balkan Mountains (ENG), EAN: 9786199041543

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Kom – Emine

A guidebook along the main ridge of the Balkan Mountains.

650 km across the majestic Balkan on foot, by bike or skiing.

Kom-Emine is the most popular and difficult tourist treck in Bulgaria and a part of the International European Route E3. It follows the main ridge of the Balkan Mountains across Bulgaria from west to east. The guidebook is divided into 20 stages each of them including:

– Detailed description;
– Route map;
– Sightseeing along the trail;
– Elevation chart;
– Information about huts and sleeping accomodations;
– 160 full-color pages;
– Authors photographs;
– Interesting and useful applications.

The guidebook fits well in most backpacks side pockets. The soft double cover ensures a higher durability of the book.

EAN: 9786199041543
Auflage: 2016

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