Frankfurt am Main


Tourist City Centre map with sightseeing tips and Street index. 1 : 16 000, Verlag: Freytag-Berndt und ARTARIA, EAN: 9783961322190

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Frankfurt is not New York. And yet the metropolis on the Main reminds us of Manhattan. The financial city is famous for its skyline since there are more than 100 high-rise buildings. In all of this, the city never forgets its traditions. In the Dom-Römer-quarter, the intention is to reconstruct the medieval old town; the museums on the Museum Embankment are dedicated to culture; and no visitor to the city can ignore its most famous son: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It’s no wonder that Frankfurt ranks among the top-5 German cities for the number of overnight visitors.

The tourist city map contains descriptions of important sights, a city center map with a scale of 1 : 10.000 and a street index for fast orientation.

Verlag: Freytag-Berndt und ARTARIA

EAN: 9783961322190
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Produktform: Karte (gefaltet), 20 x 9 cm
Gewicht: 60 gr


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