5 routes through Slovakia’s capital. History, Culture, Sightseeing, Food & Beverages, von: Irene Hanappi, Verlag: Falter Verlag, EAN: 9783854394037

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It is the smallest of the four Danube metropolises and the youngest of the EU capitals: Bratislava, the heart of Slovakia.

Falter’s CITYwalk “Bratislava” invites travellers to explore this townscape in five walking tours. The tours take you along the Kings’ Coronation Route, on a culinary tour of the city centre as well as to the architectural highlights and modern and contemporary art delights of the city. This is the first time the information presented in “Bratislava” has been made available in this format.

Includes maps, many colour photographs, tips and addresses for stopping and shopping.

Verlag: Falter Verlag
AutorInnen: Irene Hanappi

EAN: 9783854394037
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008, 1. Aufl.
Produktform: Taschenbuch
Seiten/Umfang: 136 S. , 21 x 9 cm
Gewicht: 250 gr

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